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whether you’re looking to spread compassion in your community or you need emergency financial assistance, our goal is to help you find fundraising success. This is why we’ve created a simple but powerful way to bring more attention to your cause. With the Fundingbox Donate Button, you can reach more supporters and increase donations to your fundraiser with minimal effort.

Our Mission

To make fundraising more accessible and effective for everyone

  • A kind heart empowers the world for good through donation
  • Your donation can give hope to someone in need
  • Kindness is the currency of the soul.
  • We can change the world, one act of kindness at a time

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What we do

We have selected the following problems


You can raise funds for educational-related problems, be it fees, facility building, studies materials, and many others that fall under educational needs


You can raise funds for Health-related problems,


You can raise funds for emergency support in a variety of situations, including Natural disasters, Economic crises, Public health emergencies, and man-made disasters.


You can raise fund for charity related project purposely,


You can raise funds for community support projects such as After-school programs and projects, Shelters, Food banks, and Sanitary pad banks


You can raise funds for a church project, like a church building, any faith-based project


You can raise funds for a events


You can raise funds for any relevant cause

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